Does the right practice what it preaches?

To the Editor:

We find ourselves during the holidays celebrating the birth of a man whose teaching greatly affected our present-day social contract. He taught us to be tolerant towards each and every one and to love our neighbors as we love ourselves. He taught us to care for the poor in spirit, the meek, and the hungry and thirsty. He taught us to show mercy. He taught that blessed are the peace makers and the pure in heart. He taught us to not bear false witness. He taught us that it will be harder for a rich man to enter heaven.  

When it will win votes for the conservative economic and political agenda, the conservative members of Congress, media sources, blogs, the Tea Party, large banks and corporations, and extremely wealthy men such as the Koch brothers and Mr. Art Pope (of North Carolina) claim that “we are a Christian nation.” But what teachings of this celebrated man are actually practiced by their actions?   

It seems like the Republicans in Congress pledge allegiance to the rich man’s desire for no new taxes above their pledge of allegiance to United States of America. While Democrats strive for compromise, the Republicans have vowed to make our President fail even as it means that our government “by and for the people” shall fail. They are hell bent on destroying the United States government as we know it. These same intentions prevail on the state and county level with even more devastating effect.

The right’s tremendous wealth will again finance an extreme agenda. Capitalism is now on steroids. Because of the conservative Supreme Court justices, not only are corporations defined as “people” but they can also give vast sums of unaccountable money to spread lies and distortions. Their very generous tax breaks for more than 10 years have allowed them to accumulate tremendous wealth that does not create jobs but sits in financial growth instruments such as derivatives, the rich man’s version of a casino. Even one of the top Republican candidates for President is a lobbyist in everything but legal terminology. If they win, everything will be for sale in America. It is obvious that the wealthiest among us and the right-wing extremists are not interested in the living conditions of their fellow citizens — unless they can make a buck.  

It is time for Haywood Democrats to mobilize. We may not have their wealth, their media, their propensity for half-truths and lies, but we do have our numbers, the truth and our organizational skills. The 2012 election is extremely important if we wish to save our country from corporate greed and maintain social contracts that help the elderly, young, women, unemployed, the sick, and the retired.  

As a Democrat, make your first New Year’s resolution to support the efforts of Haywood Democratic Party with your time, money, your community connections, and volunteering. As an independent, make your first New Year’s resolution to get to the facts and ignore their attempts to spin the truth. The very essence of our government of “we the people” and the social contracts that bind us together at the federal, state and county level, hangs in the balance.

John S. Geers

Haywood County

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