99 percenters better pay attention to GOP

To the Editor:

To all 99 percenters. You had better be paying attention to what Newt Gingrich and his cronies are proposing for the future of your country. Get informed about what is being thrown out there. Then, get involved! You matter and your vote matters come next November.

Don’t think it’s too early. The Republicans and Tea Partiers are not waiting to take control of your lives. They already have a good foothold. You may not agree with all that your President has done, but don’t forget what has been accomplished.  

If the Republicans were selling the President they would say that he is: the guy who stopped 400,000 jobs from leaving the country; the guy who saved the auto industry; the guy who got rid of ‘Don’t ask. Don’t tell and … Osama Bin Laden. And he had to fight every step of the way to get anything done. They would be selling a successful three years.

Get up, get involved and let your voice be heard. You all know constituents who believe as you do. Find out where the meetings are, volunteer, make phone calls. Believe that your president is leading us forward. This is your New Year’s resolution.

Joan Palmroos


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