Hayden Rogers made right debate decision

To the Editor:

In the Thursday, March 15, edition of The Asheville Citizen-Times, Jon Ostendorff takes issue with Hayden Rogers, who is a Demcorat running for the congressional seat vacated by  Heath Shuler.

It appears that Mr. Rogers had made a commitment to the Macon County Democratic Women’s Club to attend its annual “Potato Supper,” which was March 22, the same date as the later-announced Democratic debate at Brevard College. Mr. Rogers could attend the debate only if he broke his promise to the Democratic Women’s Club in Franklin, which he chose not to do, and sent his regrets to the committee staging the debate.

Mr. Ostendorff is of the opinion that Rogers is avoiding the debate, and states that it would be “better for the voters” if Rogers attended the debate.

It is my opinion that Hayden Rogers will be shown to be a man of his word by attending the dinner to which he is promised, even with the imagined potential risk to his campaign by his foregoing the debate. A man who keeps his word has become rarity on the political scene in recent years.

Sue Waldroop


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