Do not mess with our health insurance

To the Editor:

This is an open letter to Sen. Jim Davis, R-Franklin.

Let me be perfectly clear. Obama Care is the reason I am finally able to get good health insurance after 15 years of not having any. I thank God for it.

I am a retired special education teacher, a home and property owner, a voter, and have a post-graduate education. I also have type 2 diabetes.

No one would insure me for any amount until Obama stepped in. Now I have a great plan which I pay $412 per month for. I have finally been able to have the tests needed when someone goes through menopause. I can have bone screenings, blood work, medications to manage my diabetes, and much, much more.

It must be nice for you to have great insurance, which we taxpayers have provided. Do you have any idea how few people here in Western North Carolin can not even afford my plan? I do not know what rich people you represent, but most of us were middle class until the banks and the 1 percent pushed us all into poverty.

I am being nice and Southern here when I tell you that anyone messing with my insurance and that of others who are finally protected will not be popular with any of us, the press, the church, God and anyone else I can inspire to tar and feather you and your types right out of this wonderful state.

How dare you frighten us and stress us this way? You sir are a sorry human being. Shame on you. Get some backbone and stand up for what is right, not what is being espoused by Fox News. You should remember while we don’t individually have the huge sums a few of your supporters may have, as a group we will be mighty and we will not forget.

Hope you will reconsider this ill step.

Madeleine Watt


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