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Wednesday, 11 April 2012 13:36

The heart of America is just right of center

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To the Editor:

The President’s budget will “never” balance, or reduce spending, or reduce our borrowing. So, no one — not even one Democrat or Republican — voted for President Obama’s budget. The vote was 414 to 0. No compromise.

Are you asking why there is no compromise in Congress? The President’s budget has a starting point of never balancing. Is that really a budget if you always spend more than you have?  

So when the President asks for compromise, then he must start at a point where most Americans can agree. I hear liberals say that conservatives will not compromise. Well, the liberal Democrats would not compromise either on President Obama’s budget.

America is right of center. So the middle ground is conservative, the left of center is conservative, the right of center is conservative.  

Is it possible that the left of center is still conservative in America? Yes. You may not like it, but the progressive left is far outside the main stream middle of American thought.

What does it mean, right of center? It means that to the left (and the right) of the center are conservatives. It means that America wants government to live with in its means. They want the waste stopped. They believe they are taxed enough. Compromise to spend more than we have? We say no.

Right of center Americans believe in the rule of law. But wait, we have so many laws that each American is now committing three felonies a day. We were law-abiding citizens but now no one can be law abiding. Congress has been acting outside the Constitution. The liberal left asks for compromise to pass more unconstitutional laws controlling every aspect of our lives. We say no.

Right of center Americans believe the government can’t solve every problem. When the liberal left asks for class warfare and attacks people that work, the middle class working people say no. Why give more to a government that wastes our money?

Compromise needs to be right of center. Then you will see people on both sides of the aisle working together towards compromise. You will see the approval rating of Congress on the rise. Because right of center is where most Americans live, and even left of center is still conservative territory. You must go far left to get past the conservative center mark in America.

Lynda Bennett

Maggie Valley

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blog comments powered by Disqus