Marty Jones does not deserve criticism

To the Editor:

In a recent letter to the editor John Edwards attacks District 4 County Commissioner Candidate Marty Jones.

Edwards’ criticism was very predictable and fails to mention a very insightful and refreshing idea from a recent interview with Marty Jones. In the interview, Jones states he wants to see incentives interwoven with sound development practices. Unless one feels that there should be no construction industry in the county, incentives seem to be a very fair and unique compromise, which we should expect from a leader. With land use controls in place, it seems Marty Jones has an idea to address the 9.5 percent unemployment rate in a sensible manner in support of working families in Jackson County.

Edwards also implies that candidate Marty Jones does not support protection of the environment and our natural beauty. Jones has written numerous articles in support of the outdoors and wildlife. To portray him as someone who wants to destroy the mountain way of life is not only inaccurate but absurd.

Readers should know that Edwards is a retired builder who benefited during the heyday of Jackson County growth when it was unregulated. Now he supports regulations that he could not possibly have adhered to. Sounds hypocritical to me!

Carol Adams


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