Call them statesmen, not “republicrats”

To the Editor:

There has been too much name-calling in the media lately criticizing the way in which some of our local elected officials do their job, the most recent being the angry response by Brad Seagle in the Friday, April 6, edition of The Franklin Press.

The writer assailed votes by two county commissioners, calling them “Republicrats” because they chose to represent all the people in the county and voted in the manner which to them seemed to benefit the majority of the citizens. Mr. Seagle believes the two commissioners should be thrown out of office because they did not side with Republican Commissioner Ron Haven.

Isn’t it curious how people see the same event differently? Having voted Republican all of my adult life, I thought that when all of the members of one party and two-thirds of the other party voted together it is the best decision for all. Could it be that Mr. Haven voting against all four Republicans and Democrats is the one politician that is out of step with the citizens of Macon County and his own party?

After the election is over, the winner becomes everyone’s commissioner, and he or she is obligated to represent the citizens in their district and the county. I was brought up with the belief and understanding that an elected official who worked with members of both parties and voted for the benefit of all the populace was to be considered a statesman, a term far more fitting to describe the characters and high standards of the two commissioners who were maligned in last week’s letter. They were not elected just to be a mouthpiece for their political party.

Frankly, I have to applaud Kevin Corbin and Jim Tate for having the integrity and political courage to vote for the best alternatives for Macon County instead of simply voting with Mr. Haven because they are all Republicans. Isn’t that exactly the kind of thinking that the whole country is disgusted with?

I am glad to find at least one thing upon which I agree with the writer. The coming May 8 primaries are critically important to Macon County and our state representation. It is our opportunities as voters to silence those that call themselves “the real conservatives.” It is our opportunity to decide if Macon County moves forward in a positive direction or backwards.

Our votes on May 8 will decide the candidates we get to vote for in the general election in November. Now is the time to let persons of integrity like Kevin Corbin, Jim Tate,  Bobby Kuppers, and Ronnie Beale know that we appreciate their personal dedication and that we agree with the way they are doing their jobs. Don’t let the naysayers make your decision for you.

Bob Wright


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