Does Bothwell realize Shuler is not running?

To The Editor:

I find Cecil Bothwell’s preoccupation with Heath Shuler odd and slightly disturbing. Although Shuler announced months ago that he would not be running for re-election, Bothwell has continued to attack him online and in public forums across the 11th Congressional District. Bothwell’s website still features a page entitled “Vs. Shuler” where he contrasts his views against what he claims to be Shuler’s views. Nearly all of Bothwell’s information on Shuler’s record is false or misleading.

Heath Shuler isn’t running for Congress. His name won’t be on the ticket in May or November. While Bothwell focuses his campaign on attacking someone who isn’t in the race, Hayden Rogers has been getting his positive message out to voters across Western North Carolina. I have been impressed by Rogers’ work ethic and his extensive knowledge of the issues facing our area. He is down-to-earth, relatable, thoughtful, sharp, and focused. There’s a lot to like about Rogers. Unlike Bothwell, he is focused on making positive changes in Western North Carolina, not tearing down other congressional candidates.  Rogers has a promising future in public service and I look forward to voting for him on May 8.

David Wijewickrama


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