Thomas Thibeault to read from novel ‘Balto’s Nose’

Thomas Thibeault will be at City Lights Bookstore to read from his historical thriller, Balto’s Nose, at 7 p.m. on Saturday, April 28.

Glenn Carnehan, a WWII veteran, spent the war tracking down treasures looted by the Nazis and in a deadly race across Europe discovered the masterpieces of a ruined civilization. Now he must take his grandson, Michael on the same journey.

“This historical novel examines the themes of character and courage, and like the dog Balto, affirms endurance, fidelity and intelligence,” said Thibeault. “George Stout, Robert Posey, Walter Farmer, Edith Standen, Rose Valland, and Balto the Dog show us that manliness is not restricted to one sex or even to one species.”

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