Community garden looking for volunteers

New gardeners are being sought to participate in Waynesville’s community garden, located behind the Old Armory in Waynesville.

This community garden project is available for community members who would like to share in the labors, decision-making, harvests and social enjoyment of working with others.

A number of recent improvements have taken place. An automatic watering system has been installed in the Old Armory greenhouse and some new shelves built for local residents to plant seedlings for their own gardening. A fence has been installed around the community garden and a container composting system has been added. A canopy soon will be installed for shelter over the garden area’s picnic table and more flower beds are being added.

The project is sponsored by Nourishing NC — Blue Cross Blue Shield, Waynesville Parks and Recreation, the Healthy Haywood Fitness Challenge and the Daydreamz Project.


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