Meet the Telestroke Robot

Angel Medical Center in Franklin introduced the Telestroke Robot as their newest team member. The robot literally rolled in to action to demonstrate its capabilities to a crowded room.

With the robot it is possible for stroke victims to be remotely diagnosed by neurologists with Mission Hospital giving the Angel Medical staff an upper hand on helping victims in their critical hours of care.

Through the robot Neurologists are linked live to stroke specialists through the robot’s screen. The technology will be available at all times to Mission’s affiliate hospitals. Mission guarantees a link with a stroke specialist within 30 minutes. There will be seven different physicians on rotation, each equipped with a laptop that can operate the Telestroke robot, even from home at any given time. Time is an important factor when diagnosing a stroke. Each second creates a greater possibility of permanent damage, so the readiness of this program is vital to patients.

The robot, manufactured by InTouch Health, is the first and only FDA-cleared Remote Presence device. Angel Medical staff entered a contest to give the robot a name. The winning entry being “IC4U.” 828.349.6639.

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