Top supporters for national parks include local groups

Friends of the Smokies and The Blue Ridge Parkway Foundation are among a select group of organizations featured as part of the National Parks Traveler’s special edition magazine — Essential Friends, Celebrating Friends Groups In The National Parks.

Essential Friends tells the stories of the national park partner organizations that play an important supporting role in the health and welfare of national parks.

The magazine features eight national parks and the people who passionately step up to help “their parks” on the public’s behalf, plus provides insider tips for enjoying the parks themselves.

“Friends of the Smokies is thrilled that National Park’s Traveler chose to raise awareness that park partners like us really are essential,” said Holly Demuth of Friends of the Smokies. “We hope that many people and businesses will be inspired to give to their parks.”

Essential Friends is available for free download at the National Park Traveler’s website

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