Obama was in over his head from day one

To the Editor:

Election time is approaching and we are facing a promise gap.

In 2008 when vice presidential candidate Joe Biden visited Maumee, Ohio, he berated and ridiculed the previous administration for the size of the national debt, and he promised that under an Obama administration the debt would be cut. Now in his re-election year, President Obama spoke to this same town with no shame and said that his administration has produced three consecutive trillion-dollar deficits and added over $5 trillion to the national debt. This is a 70 percent increase in debt over the past 3.5 years so that we now owe more than the entire gross national product.

In defense, the administration will say the economy was worse than we thought. This administration has been in over its head since day one. They made big promises and even with total control of both houses of Congress for two whole years, the only thing they delivered was more debt and a healthcare plan that will increase the debt even more. We have been led by an administration that bases its promises on the expertise of college professors who use theory rather than real-life experience. It’s time to end the on-the-job training and elect people who have experience in the real world.

A. Young


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