Jones does not support barking dog ordinance

To the Editor:

In a recent interview with David Joy in the Cashiers Crossroads Chronicle regarding a county wide barking dog ordinance, Incumbent District 4 Jackson County Commissioner Mark Jones stated that he is “... on the fence” and “… is not going to take a position” relative to a barking dog ordinance.

As a candidate for the District 4 Jackson County Commissioner seat, let me state clearly that I am not on the fence on this issue and I clearly have a position. I do not support a countywide barking dog ordinance and oppose any amendment to the Jackson County Noise Ordinance that attempts to institute a countywide barking dog provision.

While I sympathize with those who feel they have a problem with a nearby dog, to think that county government in Jackson County can quiet dogs from the South Carolina line to the Qualla Boundary and all points in between is simply not practical.

Secondly, a countywide barking dog policy ignores the rich hunting heritage of a great number of Jackson County residents. In an age when hunting rights are under attack already, I will not support any laws that continue to undermine those rights.

Lastly, private property includes one’s tax dollars. As a property rights advocate, squandering hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars on a countywide barking dog policy that cannot possibly be enforced is a violation of my core beliefs. If a disagreement between neighbors over a barking dog reaches a complete impasse, there are remedies in court that do not affect the rights of the county in its entirety.

Marty Jones

Candidate District 4 County Commissioner,


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