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Alice Aumen, one of the owners of Cataloochee Ranch and a longtime tourism booster in Haywood County and Western North…
Haywood County commissioners drew a line in the sand. The Haywood County School Board decided not to cross it. In…
Wednesday, 15 May 2013 13:38

This time I’m sure of it; at least I think so

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When I sat down to write a piece for this week’s paper my topic was already chosen. I was going…
The “fractured public square” refers to the loss of the place where a community discusses ideas, politics and values. The…
The defeat of gun control legislation in the Senate wasn’t as much surprising as it was disappointing. This is one…
Wednesday, 24 April 2013 01:05

I will miss my conversations with Roger Ebert

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I cannot credit film critic Roger Ebert, who died just a couple of weeks ago after a lengthy battle with…
Wednesday, 17 April 2013 13:24

Legislators should support Haywood room tax hike

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The room tax hike being sought by Haywood leaders needs to pass and deserves the support of the legislative delegation…
Wednesday, 10 April 2013 12:36

Prescription drug industry needs to be reined in

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What’s deadlier than a crazed maniac in a kindergarten class with a loaded assault weapon? In the most horrifying massacre…
Wednesday, 03 April 2013 19:31

Taking it easy on the obnoxious street preacher

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Cigar smoke swirled around my face as the eardrum splitting street preacher invaded the festive mood of the thousands meandering…
Wednesday, 27 March 2013 13:38

Investing in the region’s creative minds

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When the city of Asheville decided that this year’s Bele Chere street festival would be the last it funded, little…
Wednesday, 20 March 2013 13:37

My journey to the center of the Earth, and back

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By Stephanie Wampler • Columnist Our Saturday morning cave adventure started out innocently enough. We would need flashlights. Check. I had…
“The pen is mightier than the sword.” For years I had ascribed those words to Thomas Paine, the fiery British-American…
Wednesday, 06 March 2013 15:21

Making tourism sustainable as economic development

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By Ken Stahl • Guest Columnist There appears to be controversy concerning the proposed 2 percent occupancy tax increase. This…
Wednesday, 27 February 2013 00:00

Increasing Medicare coverage could lower healthcare costs

Written by
By Martin Dyckman • Guest Columnist The United States spends twice as much on health care as most other modern…
Wednesday, 20 February 2013 14:20

By chance, by sea, bye bye

Written by
By John Beckman • Columnist Thirty-five years ago, I moved into my first dorm room and this small-town lad had…
Wednesday, 13 February 2013 13:34

This diplomacy stuff just isn’t that hard

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By Stephanie Wampler • Guest Columnist Well, it seems that John Kerry is our new secretary of state, ready to…
Wednesday, 06 February 2013 15:09

Majoring in philosophy? More power to you

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Republican Gov. Pat McCrory is trying to temper disparaging remarks he made early last week about the value of a…
Wednesday, 30 January 2013 14:09

More than ever, schools need forest service money

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By Brent Martin • Guest Columnist When the 1911 Weeks Act was passed, allowing the federal government to purchase land…
Wednesday, 23 January 2013 14:18

State GOP leaders’ tax plan would benefit wealthy

Written by
By Martin Dyckman • Guest Columnist A 1996 New Yorker cartoon — poking fun at Steve Forbes’s presidential campaign plank…
Wednesday, 16 January 2013 00:00

Something strange is haunting our dreams

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The teenage cashier at the grocery store is conversing with a customer. “That’s right,” she says. “The only thing that…
Wednesday, 09 January 2013 00:00

Our state's priorities have gone askew

Written by
The swearing in of new Gov. Pat McCrory this past weekend brought to mind a conversation at a recent holiday…
Wednesday, 02 January 2013 03:41

Doesn’t that just melt your face off?

Written by
It all started with a simple book fair at the middle school. My daughter, inspired perhaps by viewing the trailer…
Wednesday, 26 December 2012 14:02

Strong gun laws require strong politicians

Written by
By Martin Dyckman • Guest Columnist Had Al-Qaeda carried out the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School, Congress would be…
Wednesday, 19 December 2012 00:00

Investment in mental health might provide some answers

Written by
By Bob Scott • Guest Columnist After the killing of 26 children and adults by a young man using a…
Wednesday, 12 December 2012 14:21

Taking advantage of our unique attributes

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The recently announced plans for a Blueways Trail focusing on the recreational uses of Western North Carolina’s waterways is one…
Wednesday, 05 December 2012 13:59

A small but important investment in public transit

Written by
It may seem a relatively unimportant issue, but in truth it is very symbolic because it recognizes a reality that…
Wednesday, 28 November 2012 00:00

When the cat’s away, the boys will play

Written by
We had been dreading it all week, and now, as we stood there on a brisk Friday morning waiting on…
Wednesday, 21 November 2012 15:03

Cullowhee presents a great opportunity

Written by
We have many vibrant, attractive commercial districts in the mountains, some very small and some large and sprawling. I’m talking…
Wednesday, 14 November 2012 00:00

Speaking too loudly sometimes belittles the message

Written by
My father is retired Navy, and I lived on military bases until I was 10. My stepfather is retired Army…
Wednesday, 07 November 2012 00:00

Income disparity much more than a campaign issue

Written by
I’m a late-blooming entrepreneur from a lower middle-class upbringing. My parents came from farming and mill-town childhoods, and they bought…
Wednesday, 31 October 2012 01:05

The military bubble will be the next to burst

Written by
Ken Jacobine • Guest Columnist As students of the Austrian School of Economics understand, financial bubbles are caused by central bank…
Wednesday, 24 October 2012 00:00

Support candidates who value early childhood programs

Written by
In the Sept. 19 edition of The Smoky Mountain News, there were some disturbing quotes from some of the local…
Wednesday, 17 October 2012 13:30

Parris lived in the moment, a rare trait indeed

Written by
On any given Saturday morning for the past 20 years, I would roll out of bed, crank up the coffee…
Wednesday, 10 October 2012 12:49

HART’s Stage II is a ticket to the future

Written by
I’ve always believed in the adage that success builds success. It’s one of life’s truisms that anyone with eyes wide…
Wednesday, 03 October 2012 16:31

Neither candidate is going to get the job done

Written by
To the Editor: It appears Mitt Romney has committed the unpardonable sin — he told the truth and now must…
Wednesday, 26 September 2012 13:04

A different kind of freedom in the Middle East

Written by
Could you imagine how different it might feel to be an American today if the ideas of individual freedom and…
Wednesday, 19 September 2012 13:30

In Democratic convention’s wake, 44 owes 42 – big time

Written by
By Savannah Bell and Don Livingston In his re-election campaign, President Barack Obama cannot count on the support of many…
Wednesday, 12 September 2012 12:43

An open door makes for a great elementary school

Written by
A trusted friend surprised me the other day. At his child’s elementary school, it had been decided parents should not…
Wednesday, 05 September 2012 02:13

Proud to be an American ... sort of

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Since I was old enough to talk, I’ve been told that being an American was something special, something I could…
Even though there’s little room for compromise, I’m going to step into the fray. Haywood County commissioners are trying to…
Wednesday, 22 August 2012 13:05

Hospital affiliation may be best chance for survival

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Count me among those who hope the MedWest affiliation between Haywood, Jackson and Swain hospitals survives. Otherwise, I fear none…
Wednesday, 15 August 2012 13:59

Raymond Fairchild and a vanishing tradition

Written by
By Charles and Cynthia Seeley • Guest Columnists I am a visitor to Maggie Valley. My husband, two friends and…
Wednesday, 08 August 2012 13:16

Endowment a fitting legacy for Mib and Phil Medford

Written by
When Lori and I moved to Waynesville with our then 2-year-old daughter Megan, we made a conscious choice to build…
Wednesday, 01 August 2012 13:36

Barking dogs problem a symptom of a cultural shift

Written by
By John Beckman • Guest Columnist I’ve read the letters regarding the barking dogs issue and the responses from both…
Wednesday, 25 July 2012 13:28

GOP leaders push unfunded mandate to counties

Written by
North Carolina’s General Assembly — under the leadership of Republicans for the first time in more than a century— will…
Wednesday, 18 July 2012 13:20

Can the dream stay alive for another generation?

Written by
“You know, this is really the only thing I know I’ve wanted to do my whole life.” That was my…
Wednesday, 11 July 2012 13:23

Thanks for the memories, thanks for being there

Written by
I loved Andy Griffith as much as it is possible to love someone you’ve actually never met. In some very…
Wednesday, 04 July 2012 00:00

Reduced energy use is natural part of Euro life

Written by
We were nearing the end of our European summer vacation with three other families from Western North Carolina when we…
 My daughter has arrived at an impossible age — impossible for her, impossible for me, impossible for her mother, impossible…