fr shelterEasily identifiable in their teal T-shirts with the “#buildtheshelter” hashtag emblazoned on the back, an estimated 100-plus person crowd turned up at the June 20 Haywood County commissioners’ meeting to show their support — both personal and financial — for the proposed $3.3 million Haywood County Animal Shelter project.

fr animalshelterIf you’re for the proposed new Haywood County Animal Services facility, it’s called an “animal shelter,” deadpanned Haywood County Commissioner Bill Upton.

animal controlBy Kristen Hammett • Guest Columnist

As a pet owner, there are many things we do to keep our fur babies safe, healthy, and happy. Vaccinating is one that is very important. Vaccines can save a dog’s or cat’s life.

fr shelterWhen a report estimating cost and space needs for a new animal shelter came back with a staggering price tag — the report estimated a cost of $5.4 to $6.6 million — Jackson County commissioners had to catch a breath and start rethinking their planned timeline of capital construction. 

pets maconAppalachian Animal Rescue was bustling with activity Monday morning. Staff members were getting the shelter back in order following an adoption event and several families searched for a furry companion to take home. 

pets shelterIn a perfect world, an animal shelter is just a temporary stopover for pets in search of a new owner.

animal controlBy Kristen Hammett • Guest Columnist

Our current Haywood County Animal Shelter is overcrowded, outdated, and unsafe for staff and the animals. Its present location in a residential district is no longer in accordance with Waynesville’s zoning, is far from the county center, and has traffic and parking limitations.  Changes to the current structure would require zoning variances from the town — an unlikely event.

haywoodHaywood County commissioner candidates were asked whether they think the county should spend $3.5 million on a new animal shelter.

fr animalshelterOn paper, the case for a new, bigger Haywood County Animal Shelter is hard to justify.

fr shelterJackson County’s animal lovers had a message for county commissioners last week, and it couldn’t have been clearer: We need a new animal shelter, and quickly, speaker after speaker told the board. 

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