Shutdown particularly bad for our region

To the Editor:

The federal government shutdown is probably the most counter-productive action that Congress could have taken during this recession. Not only will it cost money, but it is harming our economy in so many ways … not to mention that it is making America the laughing stock of the world. 

There’s been much in the national news about the poor tourists who have lost out on their vacations, but in WNC our local economy is tied to national park and parkway visitation. And this, during leaf season, will have an accelerated effect.

The newest of shenanigans is to exempt national parks, monuments, and museums from the shutdown. I have worked in museums, directed one, spent a year at the Smithsonian, and taught museum studies. An advocate to be sure, still, I do not support a piecemeal solution to a national problem. 

Is there no logic in those hallowed halls of Congress? I cannot understand how people who are in government can so be so hateful of government. You would think they would want a different job. As voters, we can help them out during the next election cycle.

Anna Fariello


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