Wouldn’t it be wonderful ... to use local builders

To the Editor:

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the building boom of million dollar homes in Jackson County supported this county’s people?

Hiring local contractors and skilled laborers, as well as employing the abundant resource of manual labor in the area would do much to alleviate the cost of social services and lift the spirits and quality of life of those whose people have lived here for centuries. Many of them are descendants of the ones who created the “mountain culture” that so enriches our lives and yours. Many of them perform and create works of art and craft themselves. These are the folks who live locally and will spend their incomes locally, improving the town and countryside.

Hiring outside contractors may be alluring as to the initial bid (which, by the way, can be often overrun). Outsiders aren’t familiar with the local building codes and steep slope ordinance codes that in the long run will make your homes more valuable. No one wants a home that slides off the mountain, into the river, or has a mudslide on top of it.

The paychecks of laborers from out of state will barely make a dent in the local economy, as they will most likely be spent in chain motels, stores, and restaurants. The bulk of these monies go out of the state, as will the proceeds.

Please help to preserve and protect the beauty that you have come here seeking, and you will in turn be respected and well served.

Martha Thomas


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