Ken McKim

1. What specific legislation or policies are at the top of your list?


Illegal Imigration - Re-assessing Budget - Gas Tax - Lowering tax Burden

2. What are three of the most pressing issues facing the people of your district, and how can the state legislature deal with them?

Illegal immigration - Counties and law enforcement need arms strengthened

Tax Burden -

Health Care Reform -

3. Should the legislature help seniors with property taxes by adjusting thehomestead exemption on their homes?


4. What is your position on lobbyist and campaign reform?

Need all contributions to be identified as to source so that the influences are known.

5. Do you support more extensive state action to help with farmland preservation? If so, what specific measures should be enacted?

We need to aid individuals with the ability to retain their land by reducing property taxes and eliminating the death tax.

6. What is the most pressing educational need in the state?

Fund WNC University, Junior Colleges and Trade Schools to educate students - especially in high tech areas

7. What can the state afford to do to help counties with increasing Medicaid costs?

Medicaid costs should be covered by the state, not the counties.

8. When you were young, what did you want to be when you grew up?

Since I studied American History in my early teens , I have desired to perpetuate our form of goverment by serving in it.

9. What is your favorite television show?

I don't watch regular television programming, I read the news and watch some videos and some sports.

10. Describe your philosophy of government in 100 words.

Our goverment should enable good citzens to live peaceful, constructive existences without unnessesary burdens of interventions, taxation or requirments that are unrealistic. It should follow responsible economic guidlines, be efficient, eliminate waste and choose right priorities in distribution of funds. Some citzens should not be neglected in favor of others. Goverment leaders should be above reproach cultivating a heart for people's needs - not focusing on special interest groups. Goverment should encourage those who do good and punish those who do wrong. Our constitution should be adhered to; recognizing the wisdom of our founding fathers and seeking the blessing of God.

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