Voting challenges may overwhelm system

To the Editor:

It should be reassuring that so many groups are concerned about “voter integrity” on Election Day, making certain that a voter’s physical address squares with the voting rolls. No problem there.

However, the opportunities for voter challenges have been significantly increased under the new N.C. voter laws: in addition to the two poll observers from each political party to monitor polling places, we now learn the chair of each political party in a county may designate 10 additional at-large “observers” who reside in the county, and may attend any voting place in that county.

Also under the new laws: any registered voter of the same county has the “right” to challenge the right to vote of any registered voter on the day of a primary or election. Election Day challenges are no longer limited to voters who reside in the same precinct.

This hardly “restores confidence” in elections and paves the way for burdensome delays and more confusion at polling places. A well-organized minority can easily intimidate voters under the guise of voter integrity. Are we creating more observers than actual voters at polling places?

Roger Turner


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