Sponsored: What is that on top of my yogurt?

I normally buy plain yogurt and sometimes there's a slightly yellow liquid floating on top. What is that and is it still safe to eat the yogurt?

Yes, it is definitely still safe to eat. That liquid is known as  WHEY and it contains some protein, enzymes and beneficial bacteria.   You can stir it back into the yogurt to keep the texture more creamy or you can drain it off and add it to smoothies.  Here are some other ideas on how you can repurpose whey:  http://www.bonappetit.com/test-kitchen/ingredients/article/what-is-yogurt-whey 

When Greek yogurt is made, whey is strained off so you are left with a more concentrated product that is thicker.  It also takes more milk to make Greek yogurt than it does to make a regular plain yogurt.  There is nothing particularly "Greek" about Greek yogurt, it just refers to the style, i.e. a strained yogurt that is thicker and creamier with higher protein and lower carbohydrates than regular yogurt.

Leah McGrath, RDN, LDN

Ingles Markets Corporate Dietitian





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