Sponsored: What's the reason for misting produce?

What is used to mist the produce in the Produce Section and why do they need to be misted?

Ingles uses city water that (in most of our stores)  is then is run through 3 different filters before being used to mist plants. There are no other ingredients in the water. Without misting, many vegetables, especially leafy greens, would dry out quickly and begin to wilt and break down. Individuals tend not to purchase wilted greens and this could lead to an increase in food waste.

When buying produce that has been misted make sure you shake it gently to remove excess water before bagging it up. When you return home store it in the “crisper” drawer or the drawer for vegetables in your refrigerator and plan on using it within a couple of days. 

Leah McGrath, RDN, LDN

Ingles Markets Corporate Dietitian





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