North Carolinians have it right

To the Editor:

BINGO! Most North Carolinians caught on that Barack Obama’s economic failures are not so much ineptness but rather his agenda. The more people collecting unemployment insurance, receiving welfare checks and using food stamps the more dependency on government. This is the Obama administration’s dream — big government, big spending, and higher taxes to pay for it all.

Recently I saw an election bumper sticker that said “Osama Dead; Auto Industry Alive,” and of course, “Vote for Obama.” North Carolinians know that Osama Bin Laden is dead but al-Qaida is not. This was proven when al-Qaida attacked the U.S. in Benghazi, Libya, where four Americans, including a U.S Ambassador, were murdered by al-Qaida militants. For days and weeks Obama and high members of his administration tried to tell us the attack was not a planned al-Qaida attack but was spontaneous because of an anti-Islam video. We now know the truth — al-Qaida is alive and well.

The auto industry is alive? North Carolinians see that the auto union is alive! Obama used taxpayer money to bail out General Motors, leaving the union intact while destroying the investments of pension and bond holders, terminating hundreds of dealerships — thus thousands of jobs — and devastating the business of many auto suppliers.

North Carolinians wisely voted for Romney/Ryan, for Republican Gov. Pat Mc Crory, and for the continuation of a Republican legislature. Now North Carolinians must insist that our state leaders maintain our state sovereignty as the Obama agenda’s big federal government tries to chip away at our states’ ability to govern as constituents wish.

Carol Adams


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