How do you feel about America’s current energy policy? Do you think drilling for oil in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is a good idea?

Taylor: Each time we visit the gasoline pump, it is clear that the U.S. has become overly dependent on foreign sources of oil for our energy needs. While the previous Administration – joined by environmental extremists – refused to allow any increases in domestic energy production, we placed ourselves into the position of having to pay whatever price is demanded by OPEC’s greedy cartel.


The solution, in part, is to increase energy production from our domestic oil and natural gas sources while recognizing the need for conservation in both consumers’ households and energy-intensive commercial industries. I am proud to have supported hundreds of millions of dollars in federal funding for the research and development of renewable and efficient energy technologies.

There is a general misconception that only harm can come from oil and gas exploration. I am confident that resource management and sound environmental stewardship can go hand-in-hand in the (Arctic National Wildlife Refuge), and have supported legislation to allow such exploration there. I have similarly supported offshore energy exploration and production, but only when such activities take place beyond 100 miles of our nation’s coastal areas. American operators have consistently demonstrated that development can occur without compromising habitat and diverse ecosystems.

Taylor’s response to opponent’s position:
My opponent’s personal financial disclosure report shows that he owns up to $185,000 of oil and gas company stock – some in foreign oil corporations. Yet, he actually complains that “Big Oil” has taken over Congress. It looks like the only person taken over by oil and gas companies is my opponent: when the families of WNC have to pay more and more at the pump, my opponent makes tens of thousands of dollars in profit. How could we trust him to work to lower gas prices when he’s actually making money off them?

Shuler: America desperately needs an energy policy written for the people and the future, not by the big oil and gas companies. Additional drilling in Artic National Wildlife Refuge or other places is not the answer. It is a short-term fix for the long-term problem of America’s energy crisis and dependence on foreign oil. The answer is a genuine, aggressive commitment to the promotion and the expansion of technology and alternative energy sources.

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