Zeb sincere about helping Canton

To the Editor:

Have you Canton folks taken a good look at the candidates for the four seats on the Canton Board of Aldermen? With the current board, in its entirety, choosing not to run for reelection, Canton is looking at four new faces to help run the town and we need to elect the best!

Zeb Smathers has tossed his proverbial hat into the ring and hopes to earn one of these seats.

Completing his education at Duke and UNC Law, he has chosen to return to his hometown to live, practice law, and promote the advantages of living in Canton. More than that, he would like to use his time and talents to insure that Canton with these unique advantages continues to move forward and meet the challenges of an ever more changing and challenging future.

Zeb has much to offer as an alderman. In addition to his legal expertise, he is an enthusiastic and proactive individual, always exploring new ideas from a logical point of view. He currently serves as a deacon at First Baptist Church, is on both the Haywood County and Canton recreation boards, the Haywood County Schools Foundation, the N.C. Film Commission, and the Folkmoot Board of Directors, all of which have given him firsthand leadership and problem solving experience. I have worked side by side with Zeb and witnessed the sincere dedication, thoughtfulness and determination with which he approaches tasks and decisions. My observations have convinced me that he truly cares about Canton and its future as well as that of Haywood County. 

Zeb is aware of some of the challenges presented to the town, especially in the areas of economic development. He sees the importance of Canton’s role in taking a more pro-active approach in attracting new businesses along I-40 but also encouraging Canton’s existing businesses to expand. Accordingly, he is passionate regarding the town’s hardworking employees in making sure they have the training and resources to provide the best services possible.

Zeb’s slogan is “Believe in Canton,” and because I believe that he can help lead and unite our town, I strongly endorse Zeb for election to the Canton Board of Aldermen.

Edie Burnette


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