Student film wins award at Asheville festival

art filmstudentThe Western Carolina University student-created film “Jerry,” a dark comedy about a homeless man who comes back to haunt the local politician who ran him over, won the jury award for the best student film at the 2013 Asheville Cinema Festival.


“Jerry” was a film and television production program senior project that involved dozens of students in the School of Stage and Screen, as well as students in the School of Art and Design and School of Music.

Sandi Anton, co-founder of the Asheville Cinema Festival, said making a comedy such as “Jerry” is very difficult. “Comedy is very subjective, and it can really fall flat, but when it works, as ‘Jerry’ did, it is delightful and thought-provoking,” said Anton. “The acting and direction was inspired and fun — a great combination.”

Jack Sholder, director of WCU’s film and television production program, said “Jerry” was very well crafted, from the photography, editing and acting to the main title sequence by the School of Art and Design’s Mason Adams to the score by Joe Basile, a master’s degree student in the School of Music.

“What really struck me was the level of storytelling,” said Sholder. “The film keeps surprising you with its turns and keeps you engaged. When I was waiting for a screening to start on the last day of the festival, two women seated behind me were talking about a film they’d seen, and I realized they were talking about ‘Jerry.’ That’s as big a compliment as you can get.”

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