Just look at what the Tea Party is doing

To the Editor:

The letter saying the Tea Party is making changes is correct, but let’s look at the changes the Tea Party legislators have made. The legislators supported by the Tea Party have shifted taxes from the rich to the middle class, have cut education funding, and violated constitutional principles.

The tax “cuts” that the legislators enacted did cut income taxes for all, but primarily for the rich. The tax cuts for middle class persons making under $80,000 amount to a few dollars as compared to thousands for those making a million. However, they also increased our taxes by including sales taxes on labor and services. You will now pay more taxes to get your car serviced or to buy a movie ticket. The hidden sales tax increase will mean we in the middle class will actually pay more tax than before.

The Tea Party legislators say they budgeted more general funds for education than before. So why has every school district had to fire teachers and teacher aids? The answers are a follows. First, the legislature did not replace all the federal funding that ran out. Second, it eliminated a tax that directly funded education. The fact is that we now spend less per student than ever before.

A Tea Party legislator proposed a state religion. This is against both the U.S. and state constitutions. Apparently some Tea Party legislators do not really understand the Constitution.

Don’t be fooled by what the Tea Party members say or even believe. Look at what the legislators they have helped put into office are doing.

Norman Hoffman


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