The truth about Common Core

To the Editor:

Common Core and understanding the ramifications of the future of our children’s education are something all citizens of the United States of America should be aware. 

My granddaughter advised me that she could not read my handwritten note. This was a shock to me when she was 12 years old.

Since then I have tried to find out as much as I could on the “new” methods of teaching. In The Franklin Press on March 29, 2013, I read an editorial titled “Don’t curse cursive” and realized that the new generation would not be able to read Leonardo Da Vinci’s musings, and the writing of Socrates and Aristotle, the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of rights, Dr. Martin Luther King’s letter from the Birmingham jail, etc. 

Now this is only one issue. There are others. By the way, one of their tests shows that we have 52 states and not 50. Isn’t this important for our children to know?

Linda Behr


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