Cell towers, fracking, and food trucks

To the Editor:

First, kudos to Gerald Green and the Jackson County Planning Council for requiring Verizon to use cell tower designs that do not ruin our beautiful views. I applaud their continued work to ensure Verizon conforms to permit application requirements. Yes, we can have technology and beauty!

Second, I am appalled that our legislature passed a bill allowing fracking and then Gov. Pat McCrory signed it into law while most of us didn’t even know it was under consideration. The bill was sponsored and strongly supported by Rep. Jim Davis, R-Franklin.

And the chairman of the Jackson County Commissioners doesn’t think fracking will go any further than drilling some test wells and that makes the law OK? Excuse me? Oh, yes, and it’s now illegal to publish the names of the chemicals used in the fracking mix. Is that suspicious or what? 

And last, the state says it’s illegal for any “county, town, or local entity to prohibit fracking.” Are you kidding me? Let’s take that one to court. And I implore the Jackson County Commissioners to join with Swain (and hopefully other WNC counties) and come out against fracking.

Third, a developer is considering putting food trucks in the vacant lot in Cashiers by the second traffic light. If you haven’t seen the sample, go by and look. I for one do not want that look (multiplied by 3? 4? 5?) in our quaint town, not to mention the impact on the restaurants who serve food here every summer and live in the area.

 Marti Senterfit


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