Why the raging war against fracking?

To the Editor:

Have you wondered why worldwide the leftists, environmentalists, and most media are waging a war against that new dirty word — fracking?

The answer is simple, and it has nothing to do with the hyperbole, misinformation and propaganda these anti-frackers use to scare the public.

The first commercial-scale use of fracking is generally credited with starting in 1947. After 67 years and the fracking of over one million oil and gas wells, anti-frackers abruptly started their war only three or four years ago. Why not 67 years ago if it is as devastating to the environment, health and safety as anti-frackers now claim? Why were some lukewarm fracking proponents prior to the war?

Over the past 10 years, the combination of fracking and directional drilling has opened up vast new sources of natural gas and oil in formerly unproductive shale formations in the U.S. and worldwide. These are resources potentially lasting up to 100 years.

Because of shale fracking, this year the U.S. is expected to become the number one producer of oil and natural gas in the world, surpassing Saudi Arabia and Russia. Fracking has resulted in substantial economic benefits and improved energy security for the U.S.

With this new supply of natural gas coming to market, the economics of supply and demand have come into play. Natural gas prices have fallen dramatically. Basic business sense has also come into play as companies generating electricity have begun utilizing the cheaper natural gas to replace more expensive fuels. This reduces both their generating costs and carbon dioxide emissions.

Suddenly the anti-frackers’ “green energy” agenda to replace electricity generated from fossil fuels and nuclear with expensive, unreliable and non-competitive wind, solar and biomass could be mortally in danger from the abundant and less expensive natural gas.

So there is the explanation. They must stop fracking for their own self-interests to save their “green energy” agenda from extinction by natural gas.

Some of the anti-frackers’ arguments against fracking could also be applied to their “green energy,” which has its own environmental, health and safety issues they avoid mentioning.

Fracking, like everything, has tradeoffs. Accidents and mistakes happen. Any actual safety, health and environmental issues should be addressed after fact-based and science-based study, not hysterical accusations. That 67 years of unchallenged fracking experience should allay the public’s fears. The public should also recognize fracking’s tremendous economic benefits.

Vic Drummond


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