Melrose to run for Superior Court judge

Waynesville attorney Mark Melrose has announced his intentions to run for Superior Court Judge for the 30th Judicial District of North Carolina.

He has 28 years of experience practicing law in the Superior Courts throughout North Carolina and has started and managed a successful law practice in Sylva and Waynesville.

“My career has included countless jury trials involving the most serious and complex civil and criminal cases handled in the North Carolina trial courts. This professional background, and my personal life experiences, has blessed me with wisdom, as well as profound respect for the people of western North Carolina,” he said in a press release. “My family and I have decided the time is right for me to give back to these mountain communities that have supported me in my law practice.”

If elected, Melrose said he would treat everyone that comes before him with respect. He also said he would ensure that juries hear all the facts of the case. “Fundamentally, I want justice served no matter the consequences. Lawyers and litigants whose cases would appear before me will have the confidence that my job is to call balls and strikes, and make sure the rule of law is followed,” he said.

Although the N.C. General Assembly has required candidates for judge to run with a partisan label this year, Melrose said voters would not see his party affiliation on his campaign website.

“There are no blue sets of law books or red sets of law books. Instead the Constitution and General Statutes of North Carolina are written with black ink on white paper. As a judge, I will have no favorites,” he said.

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