Liars Bench celebrates Christmas Dec. 4

Liars Bench Southern Appalachian variety show to play a “foxfire Christmas” at bookstore

The Liars Bench — Western North Carolina’s own Southern Appalachian live variety show — plays City Lights Bookstore at 7 p.m. on Saturday, Dec. 4, for the ninth time.

Gary Carden, Barbara Duncan, Steve Brady, Dave Waldrop and several members of the Smoky Mountain Choral Ensemble will perform at this Dec. 4 “foxfire Christmas” City Lights show.

Carden, a noted local folklorist and storyteller, will be giving a special presentation on old Christmas traditions including “dumb suppers” and “first steppers.”

“We’ve got a successful thing going here and we want to make sure that the whole community gets the opportunity to experience this unique cultural event,“ said host Dave Waldrop. The regular cast members include Gary Carden, Loyd Arneach, Paul Iarussi, Barbara Duncan, Dave Waldrop, Steve Brady, and the show’s mascot, Bodine. The Liars Bench recognizes established artists and performers and encourages new talent also.

“The Liars Bench is a totally different entertainment event featuring authentic traditional Southern Appalachian culture, giving both natives and transplants to the region and an accurate view of the people who live and work here in the southern Mountains,” said Liar’s Bench creator Gary Carden.

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