Locally-grown food isn’t just hip, it’s an economic tool

A two-day conference titled “Growing the Appalachian Food Economy: A Forum on Local Food Systems and Sustainable Agriculture” will be held Tuesday, April 3 and Wednesday, April 4, in Asheville.

The forum will provide an opportunity people from all sectors to share ideas and learn practical ways local food systems can increase employment opportunities. It will also help spark entrepreneurial ventures and build local wealth in Appalachian communities.

Forum participants will hear from practitioners and experts on topics that include:

• the economic and community impacts of supporting local food systems

• why the “local food” economic development approach is particularly useful for Appalachian communities

• how to take advantage of innovative models of capital and credit that support local food economies

• how to develop and encourage a “buy local” community mindset and more.

There also will be opportunities to participate in local food and farm tours showcasing food business ventures and farms.

It is hosted by the Appalachian Regional Commission.

828.252.8211 or www.arc.gov

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