Green building is the right choice

To the Editor:

The move towards sustainability is of paramount importance for the future of our local communities, our nation and this planet. 

To this end, the development of the proposed Creative Arts Building at Haywood Community College plays an integral part.  Some opponents have questioned the effectiveness of renewable technology. Solar powered electricity was discovered in the 1800s and photovoltaic solar energy has powered satellites since the 1950s. Solar electric and thermal are tried and true processes.

As an owner of a solar thermal system, I laugh all the way to the bank every time the sun shines! The model of renting/leasing PV systems from companies as they collect the revenues from the energy produced is already used in several states, including California. This is the same business model used by cell phone companies: you get the phone for a low cost as long as you sign a contract for service.

In addition to the immediate educational and sustainable benefits of the project, the construction will generate many local jobs.  The building will attract interest from all over the country and add to the beauty of the community.

Thus, from a local and global standpoint, construction of the Creative Arts Building presents a win-win situation. Moreover, there are other positive effects such as minimizing our pollution contribution to the area and planet. Perhaps in discussions about the payback for using renewable energy, the benefits (health and otherwise) of not emitting sulfur dioxide, carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, carbon monoxide, lead, mercury, radioactive material etc. into the air, land and water should be factored into the equation!

The most intelligent choice for the future is to promote cottage industry plus sustainable technology and energy. Keeping this mind, the Haywood County commissioners should move ahead with the project to build the new Creative Arts Building at HCC.

Rudranath Beharrysingh


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