This election, let’s make a clean sweep

To the Editor:

During this election the main question seems to be economical. We are a debtor nation. We are heading towards bankruptcy.

There is a more important question: is the American society on the rise or decline? Fifty years of social engineering has gone horribly wrong. 

There have been two great lies, “it is all good” and “it takes a village.” We have totally abandoned the Judeo-Christian value system our society was founded on. With the only sin being intolerance, all forms of ways to ruin lives are being exploited. 

It never ever took a village in our society. It takes two dedicated, committed, responsible parents with extended family and community helping. The “it takes a village” way is only filling up our prisons. How can a man and woman be committed to raising children when they are not responsible enough to be committed to each other? We need to get back to the beliefs and social values we succeeded with in the past. 

There are bad things that ruin people and good ways that will keep them from ruination. Each person must be responsible for their own life. The personally responsible are now socially responsible for those that are not. Working, decent-living Americans must shoulder the burden and have less so the government can bail out, even reward bad personal decisions and subsidize bad behavior. They must even support people that are not supposed to be here. They must also support a huge law enforcement system with police, lawyers and overflowing prisons. All because our government has thrown the Bible under the bus.

If anyone does not want to follow a few simple rules of honesty, decency and responsibility, the government will bail them out. They are entitled. This election, I also want a clean sweep, a clean cleansing sweep.

Mike Rodeffer 


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