Gov. McCrory, GOP have turned business loose

To the Editor:

We live in the greatest country the modern world has ever known. Our president has not been able to energize our economy and has passed thousands of new regulations that hinder rather than promote employment. The most disadvantaged people  — which includes the poor and many minority groups that elected him — have been hurt the most by these regulations. 

Many liberal newspapers have given this president a pass on his handling of the economy. The entire world needs a thriving U.S. When our economy is booming, we are world’s greatest market for the world’s goods. For many years people around the world have depended on the U.S. to buy their goods and services to bolster their economies. Under this president, the United States’ economy has let them down. 

However, in North Carolina Gov. McCrory and the Republicans have revamped our tax rules to encourage manufacturers to return to our state. Many Carolinians have been out of work for two years or more. With these revised tax laws in North Carolina we can attract new industries to move to our state and help our unemployed men and women find jobs. This should also help our young college graduates find jobs in their home state. 

It now appears our tax revenues will actually be going up because businesses are starting to expand. Watch our state grow for the next four years. Our young entrepreneurs have been turned loose. It is too bad the president did not try and do the same thing in the USA when he was elected.

Jim Mueller


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