Rep. Meadows is proud of poster boy status

To the editor:

In a Sept. 27 CNN article, Congressman Mark Meadows, R-Cashiers, was identified as “the architect of the brink” and a member of the “suicide caucus.” Although he’s claiming that the CNN reporter was “sensationalizing” his role in the government shutdown, the letter Meadows wrote to the House leadership “encouraging them to defund Obamacare through the appropriations process” is prominently displayed on his website (

He also boasted about the letter during the pseudo town hall meetings he conducted in August and gleefully proclaimed that he had persuaded 79 of his colleagues to co-sign it.

Additional information in the CNN article ties Rep. Meadows directly to the Tea Party agenda; for example, the leader of the Asheville Tea Party, Jane Bilello, indicated they are so pleased with Meadows’ job performance that “he’s turning out to be their poster boy” and a “conduit for their agenda.” Ms. Bilello also disclosed that Meadows hosts regular conference calls with her group “to explain what’s happening in Congress, including the challenges that he faces promoting their agenda.” 

I contend Rep. Meadows is sensationalizing when he claims he’s “doing what the majority of his constituents want in shutting down the government over Obamacare.” Redistricting may have made the state’s 11th District the reddest district in the state, but the Tea Party is not the dominate force within the 17-county area. I believe the majority of WNC Republicans, and certainly most Democrats, share Sen. Richard Burr’s sentiment that risking a government shutdown to defund Obamacare is the “dumbest idea” he ever heard.  

Contact Meadows to express your concern about his poster boy status and tell him to add something to his diet besides tea!

Myrna Campbell


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