Citizens should not tolerate shutdown

To the Editor:

My name is David Monteith and I oppose the government shutdown.

We Americans have given enough. When our federal government, including the president, House and Senate members, can not agree and dictate to us the U.S. citizen what is best for all with out our input, we need to stand up and say “Enough is enough.” What is this federal shutdown costing our citizens? 

Our three largest employers in Swain County have and will continue to be affected:

• Con-Met — The products they build, if they are not sold what happens in Swain County? Layoffs will come.

• Tourism – The Great Smoky Mountains National Park shutdown means tourists quit coming to Bryson City and Swain County. Businesses shutdown and lay off workers.

• The Great Smoky Mountains Railroad is one of the largest employers, as are restaurants, motels, rafting companies, Fontana Lake businesses, tubers, cabin rentals, stores — all these affected when tourists cut back. 

There is a freeze on child subsidy funds and also WIC with a possibility of more. Federally funded programs are in danger of being cut within 30 days. Swain County cannot stand this. If federal grants stop, what about food for the elderly and needy, jobs for the county workers will be affected, and Health Department aides and DSS emergency services could be affected.

Citizens, we do not need this federal shutdown. Citizens please pray for help and understanding. 

David Monteith

Bryson City

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