Why voter ID and not background checks?

To the Editor:

I do not understand why so many Republican congressmen support voter I.D. laws when it has been proven over and over that voter fraud is extremely negligible and does not warrant the cost to implement and make voting more difficult. But then on the other hand they strongly oppose requiring background checks on all gun purchases. Too many gun purchases are made by people that would never have passed a background check and so many innocent people are being murdered daily.

Oh by the way, my Republican friends have been telling me repeatedly that Medicare B premiums would go up well over $200 monthly starting in 2014. Well, I just read monthly premiums will not go up in 2014 but will remain the same as 2013 at $104. 

Up until five years ago I was a staunch Republican, but have since changed my affiliation to Independent. I now read the issues, impacts, ignore the scare tactics and vote for who I think will be best for the 95 percent.

Ron Rokstool

Maggie Valley

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