Make your vote count this election

To the editor:

Children are our future and as a former educator, I’ve been concerned about the cutbacks in spending for our schools. Teachers need to make a living wage and class size needs to be reduced so students can learn. Job growth and education should be talked about in the same paragraph, as they are inter-dependent. And students who go into debt for a higher education should not pay more interest than banks. Ron Robinson, candidate for N.C. State Senate, agrees.

We need to protect the environment, for without it we have nothing. Clean air and clean water means say no to fracking and yes to solar. And healthcare for all is only possible by accepting money for Medicaid expansion to make it affordable Ron Robinson, candidate for N.C. State Senate, agrees.

 I am so looking forward to the upcoming elections and the opportunity to make some serious changes in our state capitol.  It is time for the people of this state to take control back. We may not have the money, but despite efforts of those who do, we still have the vote. We need to make it count.

I’m planning to provide transportation to elderly and disabled so they can get to the polls. I’m going to help inform people of the changes that affect their voting rights. And I’m campaigning for Ron Robinson for N.C. State Senate District 50.  

Connie Jean Conklin

Dillsboro, NC

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