Pigs in a Poke

To the editor:

The election season is here. Several candidates are promising to cut government costs or taxes, but they won’t say what services will be cut. These people either don’t know enough about the job they’re trying to get, or they’re insulting you, the voter. 

If a candidate knows enough about the office to be able to guarantee cuts, they know where those cuts will be. Macon County has already absorbed a lot of cuts from the state, mostly in education. This county already has the lowest property taxes in the state and runs remarkably well in spite of that. More cuts can only eliminate key services. Do you want more cuts in education? Police protection? Emergency and fire protection? 

If the candidate promises cuts, then demand to know where those cuts will be before casting your vote. The cuts might just be someplace very important to you. Your life could depend on it. Don’t vote for a pig in a poke!

Primaries are important. They determine the candidates who will best represent your interests and beliefs in November. Study the candidates, understand their positions, make your decision and vote.

John Gladden


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