Obama’s socialist agenda has failed

To the Editor:

It appears that Bob Wilson, a frequent letter writer, is stuck in a 1950’s time warp. He’s still fighting the Red Menace and the Cold War, and thinks the enemy is still communism and its little brother socialism. His rhetoric is full of old Cold War anti-communist propaganda and group-think.  

In the last 50 years the United States has become more like old fascist Germany than arch-enemy Communist Russia. Yes, there is a ruling political class in our U.S.A. It’s the ultra-rich and the corporations they run! But don’t take my word for it. Facts provide all the proof necessary. 

Will heavier taxation kill industry and push us into debt? Fact: a recent study shows that the effective tax rate for the 500 largest businesses in the U.S. is 13 percent, far lower than the rate you and I pay. If there is a problem with U.S. debt it’s because the lobbyists of corporate America have created a tax code riddled with loop holes, exemptions and tax havens putting the burden of taxes on the middle class, which is slowly going broke.

Is our so-called “socialist” government out to disarm ordinary citizens who may pose a threat? Fact: the United States has more guns per person than any other country. There are probably over 300 million guns in private hands, equaling almost one gun for every man, women and child. Last week armed vigilantes “out-gunned” federal officers trying to collect over a million dollars in grazing fees and penalties legally owed by a wealthy landowner.  

Do “socialists” pass more regulations to “keep a lid on things?” Fact: exactly what regulation on which “things” would we want to do away with? How about less regulation on Duke Power and their coal ash ponds? Less food inspectors? Fewer tests for prescription drugs? Would you want less of these regulations? I know, let’s take the air bags out of cars. Corporate profit margins would greatly benefit from those changes. 

Are lawmakers attempting to pacify citizens with more freebies? Fact: the largest “freebies,” other than those handed to corporations, are Social Security and Medicare. All other “social welfare” programs are tiny by comparison. Any problem with Social Security can be cured by requiring the wealthy pay the same percentage we pay. And, if Medicare is out of control, unlike any other major industrialized country, our medical system is designed to make a profit for big insurance companies and medical providers.  

If President Obama’s goal is to make this into a “socialist” country, he’s a colossal failure. The definition of socialism is to spread the wealth. Exactly the opposite is happening. The wealthy are doing better than any time in the past 100 years. The middle class is shrinking and the poor are getting poorer. Corporate power, especially in the wake of Citizens United and the recent McCutcheon decision, is at the point where they can now buy and sell politicians, just like corporate stock.   

Shirl Ches


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