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Wednesday, 08 November 2017 15:55

Chamber director helping Haywood

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To the Editor:

Bravo to CeCe Hipps! As a former Haywood County Chamber of Commerce employee years ago, I have worked with CeCe and watched her overcome many obstacles in heading a chamber, from a small staff to funding shortages. She led on in spite of economic hardship that really hit our country hard a few years ago. Thanks to her and many others here in our local government and business community, we have fared better than many other small towns.

Cece has always had the same vision to move Haywood County forward while cherishing our small-town flavor and beautiful mountains. But progress will come and we are becoming more and more of a bedroom community to Asheville. It is truly innovative of her to make this union with their economic resources and ours to better our future growth.

I personally hope our small town never gets to big, but better to steer the bus than be run over by it. Everyone can benefit by supporting and joining your area Chamber of Commerce, and Haywood County is damn lucky to have Ms. Hipps steering our bus!

Mylan Sessions


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