Implore leaders to protect environment

To the Editor:

I recently read Boyd Holliday’s letter to the editor about the environmental damage our senators are doing to Western North Carolina. I know that Sens. Richard Burr, and Thom Tillis, are choosing to deny support to legislation that will improve the environment because they think doing so is more likely to improve the economy, but I’m not sure they recognize the repercussions of making those choices. But, I do know for certain that they will never act differently if we, as constituents, don’t tell them to.

As Holliday stated, WNC is founded on its environment’s health — it helps feed the tourism industry (which supports the economy that our senators care so deeply about) and it helps keeps WNC citizens happy and healthy.

We’ve all heard about how economically strong places like China are, and how environmentally unhealthy they are. The key to creating the best possible situations for N.C. citizens lies not in focusing on one aspect of a healthy state, but finding a good balance between all aspects. And if our senators are not putting in enough effort into supporting the environment, then our state as a whole, and especially WNC, will suffer.

I implore readers to take action and ask Sens. Burr and Tillis to take action and protect Western North Carolina by supporting the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Climate, Air, and Energy Research, refusing the major cuts proposed by President Trump. Call them at 202.224.3121 and ensure that our communities have a better future!

Jordanna Swartz


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