Trump’s detractors are the hypocrites

To the Editor:

I read the article by Smoky Mountain News columnist Chris Cox titled, “I can’t stomach the hypocrisy of Trump’s enablers,” which appeared in the Jan. 24 issue.

Well, I can’t stomach the hypocrisy of the president’s detractors, including that of Mr. Cox.

Mr. Cox cites an affair that Mr. Trump supposedly had with a porn star that, in the eyes of Mr. Cox, seems to warrant branding our President as a bad man. However, he doesn’t seem to remember that Bill Clinton, a disgusting satyr, had sex in his office in the White House!

I agree that Barack Obama appeared to have decent morals, but he was a glib-talking “do nothing” President who cost a lot of people in this country a lot of money with his Obamacare plan.

Our economy has been booming since Donald Trump who, thank goodness, is not a politician but a business man, took over leadership. Can Mr. Cox spare a kind word for someone who is not a liberal leftist?

JoAnna Swanson


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