Facts matter and homework counts

To the Editor:

Homework counts. I like to think that candidates running for the Waynesville Town Board would be interested in checking public documents to support or reinforce their point of view. Facts from public documents concerning our entrance corridors such as South Main and Russ Avenue are important to enhance the visitor experience to distinguish Waynesville from “Anywhere USA” and build a better economy.

Public documents on quantity of permits in 1990s are about equal to permits issued after adoption of the LDS in 2003 in our 3 regional centers — Hyatt Creek-South Main, Russ Avenue, and Dellwood/Junaluska — so design standards are not a deterrent nor are they a “undue burdens” on business development.

Of course building permits don’t always equal a “new” business; sometimes it is simply a face lift, or repurposing with a different tenant.

If candidates have read our UDO, (approximately 300 pages, they would know the town also allow business expansion — by our ordinances — using conditional use (the future expansion of Ingles is a current example). Also, Chapter 13 gives other tools to mitigate these concerns of nonconforming design elements and site features.

The review process started in March 2009 to study the UDO. A lot of volunteer time and effort went into amending, organizing and making the UDO “user friendly.” The town board adopted the revised UDO in spring 2011. The board is open and welcomes input. Candidates should show up and attend various board and commission meetings — the door is always open.

Facts matter.

Philan Medford


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