Alzheimer’s letter draws needed attention

To the Editor:

My heartfelt gratitude to John Corkran of Black Mountain for his letter (Asheville Citizen-Times, Feb. 6) titled “Current alzheimer’s sufferers need more attention.” My wife, Debbie Ginn, was diagnosed with early-onset alzheimer’s. We have struggled with the onslaught of the disease as well as the lack of support available for home care.

In January of this year, I developed a website in Debbie’s name. As time goes on, I will post ongoing pieces to Debbie’s story. I will also post helpful hints along the way with brief videos. It is my hope that this website will be useful to other families and invite all  to submit items that may offer support or help to others. Debbie’s website can be found at

Join me as we stumble into coping strategies, all the while knowing that each journey will offer its own challenges and rewards.

David Ginn


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