Arrogant is the word for Sheriff Ashe

To the Editor:

When I think of the word arrogant, I usually think of someone who is so intelligent or so beautiful that they think they are above the rest of us common folk. However, after reading the article concerning the Jackson County Sheriff and alcohol sales in The Smoky Mountain News, I will forever think of arrogance as Sheriff Jimmy Ashe, and certainly not because he is so intelligent or so beautiful. 

I guess when you have been in the law enforcement business — or for that matter a career politician — for years, you start to think of yourself as above the law and above the voice of the citizens. This certainly is a case for term limits for local and national elected officials. 

I salute those businesses that went directly to the ABC Board. And I salute commissioners Jack Debnam and Doug Cody for speaking up for the vote of the people and against the arrogant Sheriff Jimmy Ashe. Growth is coming to Jackson County whether we like it or not. Times are changing. We all need to accept that as a fact, just as we accept death, taxes, higher electric bills and higher gas prices. We need to protect the beauty that surrounds us, protect the voice of the people and get rid of arrogant elected officials.

Frank Parrish


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