People, not dogs, are the problem

To the Editor:

Having read about the dispute of the barking dogs and a push for a county-wide ordinance, I have to make a comment or two regarding this issue. 

Number one it is always wise to look and listen closely around any home or property one may decide to purchase before signing the contract. Number two, common sense and respect should be a deciding factor in these disputes. 

But I am from the country and grew up with hunting and dogs, so in my book if you are dumb enough to not look around and get to know your possible neighbor first, you just need to invest in a “For Sale” sign and buy some ear plugs! This also applies to people who build or buy in a flood zone, mudslide potential area or cry in winter time that there is no power in their log mansion or a snow plow for their paved, high-attitude road.

Mylan Sessions


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