Replace Tea Party with rational Republicans

To the Editor:

With the government shutdown fiasco, we have learned what TEA in Tea Party really stands for “Totally Egocentric Anarchists.” Tea Party legislators meet the definition of anarchist: a person who promotes disorder or excites revolt against any established rule or law.

They are certainly not patriots. They were willing to damage the U.S., its reputation, credit, and economy to oppose a law. That law (Obamacare) is largely based on previous Republican proposals and principles. The opposition — without any alternative solutions — seems based primarily on the fact that those Republican proposals are now embraced by a president who is not an old white guy.

They are not conservatives because the only things they seem to want to conserve are their personal bank accounts and the wealth of the rich. In this state they passed a law that could force landowners to allow oil companies to do fracking on their land to get at natural gas. At the national level, they want to do away with the Environmental Protection Agency so that corporations can pollute at will.

Before you think that the solution is to kick out all incumbents, remember that this mischief of the shutdown was caused by newly elected Tea Party legislators. If you want to avoid more mischief, kick out the Tea Party extremists and replace them with rational Republicans or Democrats.

Norman G. Hoffmann


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